milagros paseta

The essence of her work as a book craftswoman is to recover the appreciation for the book as a piece of great symbolic value. Milagros, through her handmade books, convinces us that we all have a story deserve to be told and kept as a treasure.

the case

Milagros, in addition to making books she is a professional of the communication. She knew the samples she brought to her clients were not enough, she needed an online catalog to show her bindings to people she could not meet in person. It was important to maintain the warmth, delicacy and elegance of your handcrafted work on her new site.

the approach

We work hard on the style, typography and color selection of the site. The artistic line of photographs of each collection was developed together, respecting each line of binding but thinking and thinking they make sense as a group. Portfolios were created for each collection. Through design we intended to convey the values that Milagros applied in his craft workshop: care, elegance, love for detail, a special treatment for stories and their protagonists.


content design

web design

technical manteinance