Máster de Ciudad y Urbanismo UOC

The city and urbanism program of the Universitat Ouberta de Catalunya has trained for the last fifteen years more than two thousand professionals, integrating transversal knowledge to different specializations, giving an emerging and necessary vision oriented to action on the territory from institutions and civil society.

the case

After many editions, the Program decides to update contents so they accomplish a better match with current social situation. The focus of the Master change, so their contents are not only related to a technical planning but also to social policies and how cities actually work. Therefore, UOC needed to communicate this new and particular vision of the Master to the potential students of Catalonia and Latin America.

the approach

Because of timing and opportunity we had to find a way to send the message quickly and attractively, so we took advantage of the presence that one its Emeritus Professors have locally and internationally, a well respected academic that usually gets heard and who’s speech matchs perfectly with the new master philosophy. A promotional video was proposed thinking to share it specially in social networks and published on digital magazines. This allowed us to communicate the new concept making a great impact in the UOC Community and in potential students.

Duration: 2:32 m
Size: 1280 x 700px
Interviews done: 2
Team: Carla Melgar y Mario Hinojos

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