Joan de Déu Prats

Joan De Déu is a Catalan writer. He has more than one hundred books published in Catalan, Spanish, English, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Basque, Korean and Braille. He has won several prestigious awards. Most of his books are aimed at children but he has also written several novels and stories for young people and adults.

the case

It was necessary to deal with an obsolete website, which was not prepared for any mobile device and, because of its development and structure made it difficult for a user to find information. The main challenge was the amount of work and titles in different languages and versions. Also keep a lot reviews and fact sheets. Although it was essential to have a file of all his work, we needed it to be more accessible and easy to understand. It was important to show the dedication Joan de Déu gave to other parallel activities (conferences, school talks, writing workshops) related to his work as a writer.

the approach

Working with Joan de Déu we agreed to design the homepage as a cover letter for those who would like to meet him and his latest work. The site would be clean and simple. We wanted to keep his identity, so we asked an illustrator to make a draw representing Joan de Déu and give the site a different touch. Although he has dozens of children’s books, we were careful not to show the site too infantile, but also respect and highlight the writer’s adult work.

It was decided to extract all the content of the previous web by hand. It was a long and meticulous work to polish, audit and classify all the titles, covers, editions, reviews, news and work, in order to be able to work in the visual and content organization.

We design a content based on his books and their relationship with literary reviews. Each book in each language has a technical sheet, editorial and sales sites, and also related news and products generated around it.


meeting, audit, content organization

concept & content design

wordpress: selection, installation, configuration.

web design

technical manteinance

content management / 2 languages