el tano

eltano eltano is a creative project of José Luis Infante who play, walk or create maps, seeking to highlight experiences and emotions as axes to develop ourselves personally and professionally and to make us discover the beauty of the obvious.

the case

In the last years Jose Luis had developed several lines of work which were difficult to explain to the public. And also he wanted to continue exploring others lines that will help him grow professionally following a different but honest line with his tastes, ideas, readings and investigations. We were at a simple project but complicated to explain.

the approach

Being a project in a development stage, the first step was try to understand what he did, what he wanted to do in the near future, but above all, to find out his process, since it contained a great part of his essence. In order to do so, we set up regular conversation sessions in order to draw some conclusions that will help us to communicate, in a simple way, his activities, services and most important his story. The advisory sessions finally went to strategic steps and later to a new image and website development. With new content and focusing on blogging and social networking, his projects and especially his routes found their story-telling and their nich.


project counseling

content design

web design

technical manteinance