David Murillo

David Murillo is a professor of social responsibility at ESADE Business School. Lecturer and international consultant, he has hundreds of articles written for different Catalan media and magazines, as well as several books and published reports. [davidmurillo.cat]

the case

David had published about 200 articles in the press. In addition to sending them to the media, he uploaded them to his old blog, which did not allow easy navigation within the great amount of content generated daily. His blog had become obsolete and did not represent the full range of his work experience. It had to be updated in both content and web design.

the approach

The intention was to make the new website show not only David’s extensive curriculum, but above all the variety of activities, publications, consultancies and press articles he dedicates to on his academic and consulting work. The process began by analyzing the content generated in the last years, and then focusing on what he wanted to focus on in the immediate future. After working on content strucuture and organization, we start creating menus as the main tool for the design, so we were able to provide an easy access to his information and communicate better to what David does.


concept & content design

wordpress: selection, installation, configuration

web design

content management

technical manteinance