Collaborative work focused on the design of digital content, events and experiences for cultural and commercial projects. Through the support and communication support I seek to find solutions that facilitate a project to achieve its objectives.

Design content: management, media preparation and implementation by objectives. WordPress web design. Conceptualizing and supervising creative processes of ideas and strategies.

Coordination and production of cultural events and workshops.

YOu can find some of the projects I’ve been involved with in and some people I’ve worked with are: Cristina Riera, cultural management | Òscar Martínez Ciuró, MakerConvent, Trànsit Projectes | María Farrás, CCCBLab | Joan Pedregosa, ASCEPS Projectes socials, ITD, Projectos EU | Felipe G. Gil, Zemos98 | Ethel Baraona, dpr-barcelona

Trànsit Projectes

(2008 – 2011)

Analysis and application of digital culture and communication tools on cultural projects related to technology, education, socials, art, political, etc.

Corporate digital identity of Trànsit Projectes. Creation of the Digital Area of the company with Òscar Martínez Ciuro and Mario Hinojos. Strategy and digital content design. Creation, management and measurement of channels: Twitter (8000 followers), Facebook, Issue, Linkedin

Dissemination of WB activities in Peru to the media, civil society, donors, political parties, academics, government and staff through the creation of links and networks. Support in the development and implementation of press strategies.

Organization and development of the WB Public Information Service in Lima. Management of requests for information on development issues and publications on WB.

Supervision of processes of creation and distribution of communication products and publications. Brand management and corporate image. BMPerú site update in Spanish and English. Organization of large congresses and fairs.

PUCP Chief of Advertising – Corporate Image  (2001 – 2005)

[Persons in charge: 5]  Responsible for the advertising profile and corporate image of the university. Creation of Graphic Design, Arts and Copy team and supervision of internal advertise production. Giving advice and guide to the university community in solving their communication problems, inside and outside campus. Planning and monitoring advertising campaigns and events through our ad agencies. Development and evaluation of corporate image and advertising budget of the university. Monitoring of internal communication channels.

PUCP Advertising Assistant  (1996 – 2001)

Responsible for monitoring the implementation of advertising strategy. Coordination with the Press Department, advertising agencies and eventually with media, printers and suppliers directly. Assist university personnel, identifying their needs, optimizing their resources for advertising. Monitoring web design content. Creating, editing and proofreading publicity material. Analize competitors. Creating merchandise. Monitoring printing of advertising material. Design, production and supervision of publicity pictures.

Defensoría Camisea Perú PUCP – Coordinadora de Comunicación  (2003-2004)

[Personas a cargo: 2] Responsible for the planning and supervision of communication strategy between communities, civil society and the academic world. Campaign development in the cities of Urubamba, Cusco, Ayacucho and Pisco. Supervision of printed and audiovisual material as documentary archive. Creation of DPC websites.


Universidad Ramón Llul – La Blanquerna  (2010 – 2011)

Posgrado en Comunicación Digital

Escola Superior d’Imatge i Disseny IDEP  (2009 – 2010)

Posgrado en Diseño Gráfico

Universitat de Barcelona  (2007 – 2009)

Master en Comunicación y Producción Cultural

World Bank, Washington DC – USA  (2006 – 2007)

Envolving Public Information Services & Client Impact / Honing our Political radar: Political Risk Assessment and Management / Communicating for results: Enhancing the Impact of research and Analytical Work / E-PIC (Public Information Centres electronic data base) CommNet Global Communication Forum 2006 y 2007 / Development Data Platform (DPP) / E-publish

Universidad Oberta de Cataluña  (2003 – 2004)

Curso Organización y gestión de empresas culturales

Escuela Superior de Marketing  (1996 – 1997)

Programa de especialización en Marketing

International Advertising Association – Peru  (1994)

Advertising Posgraduate Diploma

Instituto Peruano de Publicidad – Peru (1991 – 1994)

Carrera de Ciencias Publicitarias