Why is it important to take care and keep your WordPress updated?

More than 25% of the websites worldwide are created in WordPress. It has a community of collaborators around the world who are always looking to improve its functionality and performance. Because new versions came frequently, it is recommended keeping all aspects of the web (wordpress, themes and complements) updated. Also trust a good hosting provider who can limit security risks and continuously carry out preventive work.

Care Plan from 28€/month

All included.

WordPress Update

We monitor WordPress periodic core updates to make sure nothing on your website has been corrupted or has stopped working.

Plugin Updates

Add-ons or plugins may break or degrade after upgrades, so we should also verify they performance after any upgrade.

Theme Updates

Changes on themes should be verified before and after they launch their new versions. We make sure they do not collide with plugins or wordpress versions.

Performance test

Some changes can make your web run slower and lose user’s attention, so we monitor the performance and speed of your site regularly in order to fix and correct things.

Content and DataBase BackUps

We keep backups of the last 30 days as a precaution if any changes do not work correctly, or any eventuality happens, we can return to an earlier version.

Security tracking

More than 25% of the websites worldwide are created in WordPress, being a very attractive software for hackers. That is why it is vital to make sure websites are clean and safe.

Uptime Monitor

We can track the time a website is active or online. Sometimes servers fall or are “in maintenance” for a long period. We create an alert to know when a site is not online so we can identify the problem and solve it quickly. If the web is hosted on our server (SiteGround) we will have a percentage of 99% of online activity.